opportunities available


Since we have received such overwhelming support for the campaign, we are in need of committed and passionate volunteers to help us run events, produce promotional materials, and help us build the campaign.

If volunteering is the right fit for you, apply here

Love Ambassadors

If you want to bring #LoveIsLove to your school/organization, becoming a Love Ambassador is a great place to start. Ambassadors are the point of contact between us and your school/organization. Organize a #LoveIsLove photoshoot and help motivate your peers to particpate. Without Love Ambassadors, we would not have been able to have 1,000+ participants from across Canada. As we look at bringing #LoveIsLove to a global scale, we are very interested in recruiting ambassadors from other countries.

If becoming a love ambassador is the right fit for you, apply here

Board Members

As a newly-formed non-profit organization, #LoveIsLove Equality Association is looking for motivated and passionate community members to sit-in or phone-in on board meetings, and help us govern the operations of the organization.

If becoming a board member is the right fit for you, apply here

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