What is #LoveIsLove?

The #LoveIsLove Equality Association is a non-profit organization created to unite people together in the pursuit of love equality. Our organization started in 2013 as a student-organized photo campaign, with roots in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the years we have expanded our reach across Canada, recruiting allies and sharing stories of our 1,000+ participants.

How can I or my school/organization get involved?

Joining is easy! Click here to visit our joining page and find out more about helping us out as a volunteer, bring the campaign to your school as a love ambassador, or apply to be a member of our board.

How do I submit a photo/How can I be part of an official #LoveIsLove poster campaign?

Email a high-quality, landscape (horizontal) photo of yourself, along with your quote, to teamloveislove@gmail.com and we’ll design your poster for you.

Does the quote have to be mine?

Yes! The beauty of our photo campaign is that each poster is unique and personalized to each participant. Using a personal quote avoids us producing different participants posters with the same quote.

Can my quote be about any kind of equality? Does it have to be LGBT related?

Love equality means consensual, human love without discrimination. That love is not bound to one orientation, race, gender, age, etc. As long as your quote positively reinforces our message of love equality, we’re happy.

Where will you use my photo?

We will showcase your photo on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. We may also print physical copies of your poster to use at events and photoshoots to show others what our campaign is about.

What if I no longer want my photo displayed?

Easy. Just email us at teamloveislove@gmail.com to tell us which photo you’d like taken down, and we’ll take it down as soon as possible.

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