The #LoveIsLove Equality Association is a non-profit organization created to unite people together in the pursuit of love equality. Our organization started in 2013 as a student-organized photo campaign, with roots in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the years we have expanded our reach across Canada, recruiting allies and sharing stories of our 1,000+ participants.


To celebrate and provide a unified voice for the diversity of human love. To foster a more compassionate global community.


Advocating for Love Equality

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Recruiting a strong network of engaged advocates as part of our board, committees, and organizational structure.
  • Becoming a long-term, sustainable organization recognized as the leader in love advocacy.
  • Establishing a positive and approachable reputation, with a focus on human love; person to person and person to self.
  • Fostering partnerships with key stakeholders in the local and global community where infrastructure is obvious (education, advocacy, activism).
  • Utilizing strong avenues which share success stories relevant to love advocacy (ambassadors, social media, blogging).
  • Creating an accessible resource driven program that will support our network of love advocates.
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