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Love Yourself 

Our mirrored t-shirt design is only legible in the moments when you see yourself—a friendly reminder throughout the day to be more kind, accepting, and loving to who you are.

Available online until August 4, 2019. 100% of all proceeds go directly towards #LoveIsLove campaigns, resources, and initiatives.

What is #LoveIsLove?

The #LoveIsLove Equality Association is a non-profit created to unite people in the pursuit of love equality. We believe in celebrating the diversity of love, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, status, or ability.

#LoveIsLove started as a photo campaign back in 2013 at Mount Saint Vincent University, by a group of students looking to create a more positive and inclusive campus culture for the LGBTQ+ community on campus. By asking folks to publicly express their support for love equality by pairing their photo with a personal quote and displaying them throughout the school, we noticed a shift in the conversation. “Closeted supporters”, allies who quietly supported love equality, were making their voices heard, and actively showed the LGBTQ+ community that they do support them, that they accept them, and that they love them. 

In the coming years, this campaign was recreated under the #LoveIsLove brand at over 15 schools from across Canada, and has had thousands of student participants publicly supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The responses we heard after each campaign run were inspiring, including people who finally found acceptance and comfort in being themselves on campus after seeing the overwhelming support from their peers through our campaign.

In 2015, #LoveIsLove came together to transform the campaign into something bigger—a non-profit organization advocating for love equality. Believing in the right to love who you want, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, religion, status, or ability, a board was brought together to push #LoveIsLove in a forward direction. Today, we continue to support our communities through campaigns and initiatives that create more compassionate and understanding environments.

Our Values


Whether it’s legislative changes or changing individual perspectives, #LoveIsLove will always work to inspire positive change.


Acceptance and understanding starts with education. We aim to educate on issues facing our communities and dispel any public misconceptions that hinder progress.


It means showing up and bringing people together. Celebrating triumphs together, and offering support through difficult times.


In order to effectively champion all forms of love, we need diversity across our board, our committees, our volunteers, and in the stories we share.


We operate on creating safe spaces and trusting environments for all members of our community. A place where people can freely express themselves without judgment or fear for their well-being.


It means looking at the way things should be, and stepping up to make it happen. To have the courage to do the right thing—always.

Our Campaigns

Love Yourself T-Shirt Fundraiser

Love and acceptance starts from within. For #LoveIsLove’s first official fundraising campaign, we created an affordable t-shirt with a backwards message to “Love Yourself”, only legible during the moments of the day when you see yourself—in front of the mirror.

100% of all proceeds from this campaign will go directly back into future #LoveIsLove campaigns and initiatives. Get it now before August 4, 2019.

Spread Love Erase Hate

Recognizing the low budgets that many GSA organizations have in schools across Canada, #LoveIsLove produced a series of free posters that empowered people to be themselves, to stand up against hate, and to spread compassion. Materials are still available for free to download.

Love Is ____ Campaign

The original #LoveIsLove campaign that started it all. Back in 2013, we asked allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community at Mount Saint Vincent University to take a photo and give us a personal quote on love equality and why it’s important to publicly show your support and acceptance for others. We paired the quotes and photos together to create a poster campaign that we posted across campus and online. In our first year, we had 40 participants. In our second, we had 200. Today, we’ve had over 2,000 participants from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Email if you’re interested in bringing our campaign to your school.

Get Involved

No matter your passions, there’s a place for you in #LoveIsLove. Join the board or a sub-committee, become a love ambassador to bring #LoveIsLove to your school or organization, or become a volunteer for our many events and initiatives.

Email or fill out the form below to learn more